The Car Key Centre in Glasgow offer a range of autowatch trackers, including Thatcham Category S5 and S5+ tracking systems. Thatcham Category S5 and S5+ trackers are highly sophisticated and offer the highest level of security and tracking capabilities. These trackers are designed to meet the strict standards set by Thatcham Research, a recognized authority in vehicle security. They are suitable for all types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and commercial fleets.

Effective Security

The Car Key Centre understands the importance of providing customers with reliable and effective security solutions. Their Thatcham-approved auto watch trackers offer a range of features that ensure the safety of vehicles. These include GPS tracking, GSM communication, and sophisticated immobilization features.

The GPS tracking feature allows owners to monitor the location of their vehicles in real-time. This is especially valuable in the event of theft or unauthorised use, as it enables quick recovery. The GSM communication technology ensures reliable and continuous communication between the tracker and the owner, providing regular updates and alerts.

Key Benefits

  • One of the key benefits of Thatcham Category S5 and S5+ tracking systems is their advanced immobilisation capabilities.
  • In the event of a theft, the trackers can remotely immobilise the vehicle, rendering it inoperable.
  • This significantly increases the chances of recovering the stolen vehicle and prevents it from being driven away.

The Car Key Centre's expertise in auto watch trackers ensures that customers receive top-quality products and exceptional service. Their knowledgeable staff is available to provide guidance on the selection, installation, and operation of Thatcham Category S5 and S5+ trackers. They are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest level of security for their clients' vehicles.