Lost your only key and don't know what to do? We can still produce replacement vehicle keys even when you have no keys at all! That's right, even without the master key! Some car manufacturers supply key number and immobiliser security codes which simplifies the process of replacing lost car keys. Car keys are our specialty and we are still able to produce new car keys even without this information. Our car key replacement service is available to the general public and motor trade.

How do we produce your replacement car keys?

We carry key blanks, remote keys and transponder chips for most makes of vehicle and our mobile vans are fully equipped with all the required machinery to cut your replacement car keys while you wait.

Need a spare car key?

If you only have one key for your car we are able to produce duplicate keys. Depending on the type of key or transponder used we may able to make a direct copy of your coded car key. This type of car key replacement is produced utilising sophisticated equipment to copy the code onto a new transponder chip. Most new cars however, use an encrypted chip which cannot be copied. In this instance we are able to produce a new key and code it directly to your vehicle using diagnostic tools.

Have you just bought a car with only one key?

If you are considering buying or have just bought a new car that was sold with just one key, What would you do if you lost that key, Also have you ever considered that most cars have more than one key programmed into the immobiliser so who has the other keys, Call us now to arrange for us to visit you and reprogram the system to remove these missing keys.

Lost Car Keys?

The Car Key Centre offers a speedy service for lost car keys. Working from mobile van around Glasgow we provide replacement vehicle keys at your home, place of work or at the roadside. As an alternative to the main dealer our lost car key service is in most cases cheaper and much more convenient.

What to do if you lose your car keys

If you cannot find your keys you have two options for replacing them. One is to contact the dealer, and another is to contact The Auto Locksmith and allow us to take care of your lost car keys headache.

Why use us to replace your lost car keys?

We come out to your car. The main dealer option would require you to have the car towed to their workshop for the new keys to be programmed to the vehicle. We always aim to recover your misplaced automobile keys the same day .The dealer may not be able to fit you in for several weeks and you could find you have to wait for replacement keys to be delivered from overseas. Our replacement car keys are in most cases provided at a much lower price than the dealer. We will always do our best to come out to you the same day and replace your missing auto keys at a price that won't leave a hole in your pocket!

What to do if your car keys have been stolen

First of all have a good look for the keys and go over your recent steps to try and locate them. The next step should be to contact the police if you feel your vehicle may be at a security risk. We are able to erase the stolen keys from the vehicles immobiliser box or ECU, re code the locks to new combinations and produce a new working key so you don't have to worry about the car being stolen.

Replacing lost car keys

All replacement car keys are either cut to code, pattern or lock. Our auto locksmiths carry blank keys that can be cut at the roadside with the latest key cutting machinery that utilises computer software to ensure all new car keys produced are a perfect fit. Misplaced car keys can be re-manufactured and cut to code from the vehicle door or ignition lock. If your car is fitted with an immobiliser system it will only operate with a correctly programmed transponder key which we will need to program to your vehicles main ECU or immobiliser box.

Spare Car Keys

If you only have one key for your vehicle it makes good sense to contact us now and have us produce spare car keys. Using sophisticated computerised machinery we are able to copy car keys for most vehicles. Duplicate car keys are much easier and cost effective to produce. So don't wait until you lose all of your car keys. We are able to produce new keys even if you have lost your main master key.

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